Do you have a compelling case for change?

Where are you now? What is changing around you? Where do you want to be? And how will you know if you get there?

Does your preferred solution optimise value for money?

Have all your choices been identified and analysed? Which option provides the optimal mix of benefits, costs and risks? And trades off economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes?

Is the Solution Commercially Viable?

Can you enter into a sustainable commercial partnership to deliver the solution that provides value for money over the whole term of the contract?

Is the Solution Affordable and can it be Funded?

Can you afford the preferred solution? What are the funding gaps? And do you have commitments for funding support?

Can the solution be delivered successfully?

Do you have good practice programme and project management processes and capabilities in place to deliver the preferred solution?

Better Informed Decision Making

Business Case Consulting limited has a track record of supporting our clients to develop better business cases, helping decision-makers make more fully informed decisions on how to invest in change and advising on how to achieve better outcomes. Our clients appreciate having direct access to leading expert advice and work with us because we are not afraid to challenge, because we walk the talk and because we provide pragmatic solutions.